thermostat issue...

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thermostat issue...

Last month I bought a 1977 Scamp 13. As a longtime DYI'er I've been fixing little things, making it "mine" and it's coming along nicely. I'm not sure how to proceed with one issue though. The gas furnace works fine when you turn it on (or off) but the fan comes on intermittently seemingly all by itself. It is parked outside, no shore power but the battery is connected. The thermostat is all the way in the off position and the furnace does not come on...but the fan does periodically. The thermostat is a Suburban Type 1C20-130; it must be 12VDC (it is wired to the converter) because, again, it is not connected to shore power but obviously it's getting power fom somewhere. I see what appears to be a small electromagnet at the bottom of the thermostat which seems to be making the connection that starts the fan. If you can open this connection and it stays open the fan eventually stops and stays off until it mysteriously  makes connection again starting the fan again. Anyone have thoughts about this?