Tail Lights and Duct Tape

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Tail Lights and Duct Tape

Just did this today after cleaning up from a camping trip it seems to help make tail lights easyer to see.

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Tail Lights and Duct Tape

Good idea. I recently bought my first Scamp, a 2013 13'. I was thinking of changing to LED inside and out, even if I do for the tail lights I'll do this anyway. Thanks. 


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I agree, it is a good idea.

I agree, it is a good idea. After I got my Scamp in 2013, one of the first projects was to replace the inside 12Volt light bulbs with LED's, to reduce power use. At that time I also used the Aluminum tape to reflect more light. The LED's seemed not as bright as the old incandescent ones. I saved all those inside bulbs and already used a couple to replace some of those outside bulbs that burned out. I do not see a need to replace the outside lights with LED's to reduce power use. The tail lights and markers get their power from the alternator on the tow vehicle. I might add that tape to the lights to make them brighter, though. Thanks for the insiration. 

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color match

If you do decide to upgrade to LED's on the outside be sure to use the same color led as the lens. That way you do not lose any of the intensity. so Red in red and amber in amber. Some have tried white and some of the colors that produce white get filtered out by the lens color and you lose that light. 

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