Swaying Explained -- Graphic Example

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Swaying Explained -- Graphic Example

Here is a Great Example of Weight Distribution and Trailer Sway...


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ManWithaVan, thanks for that video. Might be fun to show 3 or 4 weight distribution videos and have the members vote on the cause. ie, too much weight in back or front or L side etc.


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Sway Bar

Anyway, does anyone use one of the add on a ti-sway bars? I to a q3 footer with my Wrangler and wondered if kt would be of value?

Tom in NM
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Quite dramatic and the treadmill demonstration is very interesting. Question. Watching the video, was the situation recoverable? I know I'd have to resist applying the brakes and that acceleration could make it worse. Tapping electric trailer brakes might help. What is the consensus? I understand prevention of the situation is the best lesson, but what's the best thing to do if this did happen?