Storing a Scamp 13 in your garage

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Storing a Scamp 13 in your garage

Bought a 1996 scamp 13 this year.  First time trying to store it for winter.  Here is what I did to get it into a garage with a 7 foot door height.  Trailer has ST175/80R 13 inch tires on it.  I let the pressure down to 15 lbs and took off the escape hatch.  Had to remove the 1/2 vinyl trim with the rubber on it from the outside trim of the garage door frame.  No big thing held on by screws.  I had to disconnect from the car and put the roller wheel on the front jack of the trailer.  Rolled in with about 1/2 inch to spare.

Works great

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SCAMP 13 into Garage

Our older "74 SCAMP 13' does not have the same height as yours, and the "original" vent does not have the same height as most newer ones.  Like you, I do deflate the tires to ca. 15#...but then, it will slide right into our garage (which has a clearance of 83.5").  We have an apartment (as a second home) with a single car garage.  I measured its clearance at 82.5": I am not sure I can slide our SCAMP into that garage (which I would like to do).

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Im guessing your 1974 scamp

Im guessing your 1974 scamp has a total height of 6 feet 11 inches the same as the Canadian boler , im wondering how long scamp made the 13 foot the same height as yours , as im thinking of buying a new one and wondering if i should go with a different roof vent fan .



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Some have removed wheels

and put the axles on two car wheel dollies to get into a garage.

If not now, when?