Sputtering water from facets.

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Sputtering water from facets.

We take the Scamp out ever three weeks during the season and this is a common problem.  Turn the facet on and it sputters and sprays. In the bathroom no problem if it hits the shower floor and down the floor drain.  However, Sort of annoying to get a shower trying to get a glass of water.   Should we trying taking additional measures with clean water tank?  Seriously doubt we are alone with this problem.  Thank you in advance for your insight 

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We also have some sputtering from the faucet but not terrible.  Does it do it if hooked to city water connection? And does it happen as much  if just the cold water is opened or mainly the hot. . We had some of this with both our previous RV's too.  It is common but often subsides once the trapped air is purged  with use.  

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are you sure you have the

are you sure you have the water pump turned on?  it usually sputters at the beginning before it has the water flown through the lines for us.

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