Sort of a Travel Story

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Sort of a Travel Story

DISCLAIMER:  We didn't take our Scamp. We are just back from a road trip from Colorado to San Francisco passing through 5 National Parks and spending lots of time looking for hotels.....  We sadly left our 2005 Scamp in the driveway because we got it recently and we just didn't have time to take it for a trial run. 

OF INTEREST:  Everywhere we went, we watched for Scamps or even fiberglass eggs.  After over 3,000 miles of travel we saw only 2 Scamps (one near Lake Tahoe and one on the highway in Utah) and just one other fiberglass egg-type trailer.

REGRETS:  Every single day we looked around to think about where we woulda coulda shoulda camped with the Scamp.  At every (cheap) hotel, we thought how cozy it would be to in our Scamp.  We saw lots of great campgrounds that would be too cold or too hot to stay at in a tent-- but in the Scamp we would have been fine.

UNTIL NEXT TIME!   We have another kid to visit in Seatttle, probably in September.  Our goal now is to do lots of  short trips before that!!

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Nice Trip

Sounds like a great trip! Only thing that would have made it better is to have the Scamp following you. yes

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