Solar Panels -- Great Low Price !!! USA MADE

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Solar Panels -- Great Low Price !!! USA MADE

I was surfing Amazon today and I came across these 165 Watt Solar panels for a price of 0.72 cents per watt. This is a Very Good Price for Monocrystalline Solar Panels !!

I know these panels will not work for everyone, but I wanted to let everybody know about this Great Price !!!

Even Better, these Solar Panels are Made in the USA !!!!

FYI, for years the goal for Solar power has been to get the pricing below the $1.00 per watt price point. These panels beat that price point and even do it when you include shipping costs.

Here is the link:

 Solar Panels 160 W


This same company is offering a single 165 watt Monocrystalline panel that prices out to $1.15 per watt (shipping included):