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LED lighting in Scamp

Here's my final bit of info about this topic.  Spoke with Kent and he said the newer Scamps are currently going all LED lighting.  They still had some older style light fixtures that would take LEDs, incandescent, or CFL.  So he agreed to put those in where he could.  We did talk about the issue with blue light from LEDs, and he said most people are requesting LED lighting, but some have asked about the blue light issue.

So, for now, LED light fixtures in new Scamps. 

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I'm tired of the yellow-white

I'm tired of the yellow-white emitted from the incandescent bulb, and I would like to switch some of the bulbs to LEDs that emit less blue light, any recommendations?

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LED color temperature

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Daylight LED bulbs

I bought a 2012 used Scamp four years ago.  One of the first things that I changed was the light bulbs.  I went to AutoZone and bought replacement LED daylight (5000 K) bulbs. There probably are better bulbs out there but I could test a couple first rather than buying something unknown online.   I like them because they are brighter, white, and use less power.  I also replaced the 120 V long-cabinet light with a LED cabinet light that has three different light color settings.  I use daylight except when someone is trying to sleep.  Not everyone likes daylight LED bulbs because they think the bulbs are too bright/harsh.  My tired old eyes like daylight LEDs for easier reading and close up work.  We also have replaced every bulb in our house and shop with daylight LEDs.        

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I have been surfing the

I have been surfing the internet for some replacements for the bulbs from my house because my girlfriend also has some problems with her eyesight, so I had to choose carefully. Actually, I've been obsessed with the idea of living in a smart home. So I asked for the help of specialists in this domain who recommended me some smart light bulbs from amazon. They have smart color-picking and tone-changing that don't irritate my girlfriend's eyes. The best is that Alexa controls them all, so I think it's worth it.

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I've had problems with the

I've had problems with the brighter white color bulbs since I had cataract surgery.  What used to be OK is really too harsh now.  But at least I can see it now!