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SOI Online Member Directory

One of the benefits of Lifetime Membership is an Online Member Directory.  It is now available, for Lifetime Members only, to view at the following link:

You can also find it by clicking the "Resources" tab in the above Menu and then clicking "SOI Member Directory."  This is only visible in the Menu for Lifetime Members when you are logged in.

Because the Member Directory is online now, it is limited in the information made available.  It no longer has street address or personal contact info.  However, beside each name there is a "send message" button, which will email the member through the SOI website private messaging system.  So you do have a way to personally make contact with a member.  If you are wanting their street address to send a card or want their email or phone, you can hit the "send message" button and directly ask them for that information.  Or, you can just simply email each other back and forth through the website's private messaging system.  This is the best way to address privacy concerns.

The database is searchable by User Name, City, and State.  So if, for example, you meet a person at a Scamp Camp and can only remember his name is Joe and he lives in California, then you can have the database list the membership by state.  Then you can look at the California members and find Joe.  

One nice thing about moving the Member Directory to an online format is that it is current and up-to-date.  If a member joins today, they will be in the Member Directory today.

We continue to try to serve the Membership to the best of our ability.  This is your club and so, as always, we welcome your feedback to continue to improve and serve the Membership needs.  Thank you!