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SOI Number

We are adding in the SOI Numbers this week in your user profiles for "Lifetime Members" only.  If you were a 2013 SOI member and had been issued a number it will be appearing shortly if not already in your account profile.  Some of the SOI numbers are not in the records we've received and I will be sending a list to the former group to see if they have a record of them.  If you have an SOI # and you don't see it in your user account info please send it to us to add to our records.  If you joined as a "Lifetime Member" recently, we will be issuing your permanent SOI number.

The SOI number is yours for life and is a benefit of "Lifetime Membership."  We recently met one member who put their SOI # on their trailer, kinda like those heavy silver things you see people pulling.  laugh  I guess the rescue helicopter could contact us to find out if that number on the trailer belonged to who they were searching for.

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