Side window maintenance

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Side window maintenance

I have a small leak on one of the;side windows on my '84 ; they are the slider type panels ,and I keep the weep holes clear. ,so I know that is not the source of the leak.

When I called Scamp to inquire about the price of a new window;the tech said I should try pulling it out first to put new butyl tape around the window and reinstall .the unit to make sure.I needed to replace the window.

When I brought up a question of the rivets holding the window in place ,she replied that no rivets are needed to install the windows ,and said that might be part of my problem .and that possibly the leak is coming from 1 or 2 of the rivets.around the failed byutal tape. I was told that the windows are held in place by the butyl tape and interior metal rim only.,and there should be no rivets holding the window in place.
So... I am questioning if this is this true ?

Any help ,advice or suggestions will be appreciated .

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Side windows

If it is like my 2004 19D, the window frame outside and inside parts are held together by screws that you see on the inside. There should not be any rivets. The Butyl should be providing the seal. However, with age, the rubber seal that you see outside, could have shrunk in length over the (long) time and gaps opened up. I have used Lexel to seal those gaps. It is good to keep the weep holes clear as you did, but how clean are those rubber extrusion channels that the window pane slides in? They can be pulled out, cleaned and replaced. A few years ago, mine were really dirty and clogged.

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Side window maintenance

I think it maybe since it's an older unit your window just needs removed and reinstalled with new butyl. Here's something that happened to us last summer after we replaced the window curtain rods with new brackets. After my wife did that, it was her project and she wanted to do it on her own, water started gathering from a leak at a corner of the rear side window. it would leak during a rain, but also when no rain but when using the AC. The AC water, condensation, ran down in that area. What cause the leak was when she installed the rivets in the new curtain brackets she didn't seal those holes well enough. I helped her and we used a bit of butyl in the holes and under where the plastic ring outside that the rivets went through that holds on the caps. Since you didn't do the changes of new rivets there, it probably not you problem. Just thought I'd mention it if someone else makes the mistake.