Side Mirror Extensions

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Side Mirror Extensions

Hello, I have a Scamp 13foot which hasn't made it out of my driveway as yet, but with tons of practice hopefully soon.  My question is where do I go and what do I request for mirror extensions?  I have a 2008 Honda Element and the rear view mirror is no longer helpful and the existing mirrors don't make me feel safe.

Thanks to anyone who might have a suggestion.

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Side Mirror Extensions

The least expensive are mirrors that strap onto your existing mirrors.  They are convex mirrors that give a wider angle view and work well (although a caution as with any convex mirror...objects in the mirror are closer than they appear).  Your existing mirrors are still useable.  Cost is about $11.00 each upward to approximately $30.00 and usually available at any camping stores, RV dealers, Walmart, catalogs and online.

The absolute best are McKesh mirrors at about $150.00 plus or minus.  They are fully adjustable, will fit almost any vehicle and available online at .  Your existing mirrors are still useable.

I have both and use both on different occasions.


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Mirrors on Tow Vehicle

Here is an excerpt about mirrors from a posting titled "Training for Backing Up a Trailer"

Have the proper Mirrors; If you can't fully see along BOTH sides of the trailer and where the trailer tires meet the pavement (on BOTH sides) you need better mirrors. There are "clip-on" mirror extensions that are not too expensive or, you may need to purchase a pair of "towing" mirrors for your TV. In either case you need to be able to fully see the sides of your trailer and the traffic behind you.

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