should I trade in my vehicle

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should I trade in my vehicle

Seriously thinking about trading in my vehicle.  I have a Tucson 4 cylinder 2.4 liter and a 13" scamp. Got the new axle with brakes but have not put the controller on my vehicle yet. I hope to travel from Illinois all the way out west to all the national parks. I'm thinking I need a 6 cylinder what do you all think? 

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4 Cylinder Towing

We have towed our 13' SCAMP (which we have owned 40 years) with several 4 cylinder vehicles: a VW Squareback (65 hp),a  VW Dasher, and a Toyota Camary.  We now are using a Mazda 6 as our tow vehicle (it is plenty powerful!).  The answer to your question (a hard one to answer!), I think, depends on two primary variables:  (1) Do you anticipate doing a lot of driving at freeway speeds?  (2) Will you be doing a lot of driving in hilly/mountainous terrain?