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Scamp personal add ons

Hi All,

First post ever..My wife and I drove to the Scamp Factory in July. We placed our order on a 2023 Scamp 13 Layout 1 Big Bed option with AC, Vent Fan, Back Splash,extra front Storage bin, sink cover and Group 27 battery upgrade.  
I'm wondering what factory or non factory little add ons you Scamp Veterans have added over the years to personalize and make things more convenient. 
I'm wondering about hooks, towel racks, spice racks and anything else you've found that works to make your limited space more efficient and the total experience little more stress free.

Thanks,  Wink

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Many ways to spend money

I have found many ways to spend money on making it my own. The Command hooks line is a good way to add hooks around the Scamp at random locations. I have also added Command shelves near the beds to have a place for my glasses, phone, clock, and a flash light. I have cut one of the shelves in half to get two smaller and mounted then so that the cut ends do not show.


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My personal add-ons

My scamp is a 2011 13 ft unit.  I purchased it a few months ago. It is in excellent condition as the original owner took good care of it and made very few if any modifications.  After my first road trip 3200 miles I had a sizable punch list of changes needed.  

First I fixed the table leg.  The original metal leg was weak and likely had some damage.  I replaced it with an oak version including a small beam that spanned the width of the table for more strength.

Next I replaced the drawer slides with regular roller slides from Home Depot.  Much smoother.

More work surface for food prep was required.  I did not like the sink cover for that purpose so added a tilt down cutting board to the counter beside the sink.


The add-ons process is still ongoing with a mirror inside the upper storage cabinet door, cigarette lighter type 12 volt power socket, Guitar hanger beside the fire extinguisher, LED lights, dark reflective window tint on the door window instead of curtains, built-in paper towel dispenser in the cabinet over the range, strategic placed command hooks and some modifications to the storage areas to better suit my travel needs.  Lots of ways to spend time and money but all fun.