Scamp 19 Snap Caps

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Scamp 19 Snap Caps

I just ordered a complete set of snap caps and bases to redo the missing snap caps on the 1997 Scamp 19 from Pro-Dec

I've counted that we'll need approx 50 of the 12/12 bases and snap caps and 35 of the 8/8 bases and snap caps. I ordered the off-white snap cap which blends better with older gelcoats.

Total for the order to redo the entire Scamp 19 snap caps and bases is $21.24 and Free Shipping.

This will be our first repair to the exterior as most of the snap caps are gone and there is a small bit of evidence that the screws/rivets are leaking. Fortunately, being an AZ trailer there isn't much rain so leaks are minimal when they occur and haven't resulted in any progressive damage that will need repair.