Scamp 19 and first-gen Tacoma

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Scamp 19 and first-gen Tacoma

Hello all,

I'm hoping to buy a Scamp 19 in the near future to tow with my 2004 Tacoma.

Does anyone have first-hand experience towing a Scamp 19 with a pre-2005 Tacoma with the 3.4 V6 engine? I'd love to know how it goes and ask a few questions about how the hitch was attached. Thanks!

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No experience with the Tacoma, but I have seen folks that do set up the 19 with it and do fine. Only thing I've heard is attaching the hitch it a bit more difficult with the Tacoma and requires some reinforcement installed under the bed.

I'm sure folks that have pulled with this setup will weigh in with some more input.

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I pulled my 1999 Scamp

I pulled my 1999 Scamp Standard 19' with a 2003 Tacoma for 12 years. I never pulled in the Rockies, but it did fine in the Ozarks. I typically got between 16 and 18 mpg. The issue with installing a hitch in the bed of a Taco applies to post 2005 Toyota's with a composite bed. 

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