Romex connecter on front of camper shell?

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Romex connecter on front of camper shell?

I am installing two 8 gauge wires thru front romex connecter of camper to battery and there is not enough space in factory romex connecter . What does Scamp use to exit front of camper on new  Scamp campers? 

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Cable gland

Search cable gland on Amazon for your Romex. They sell them in the big box stores. If you remove the old battery wires from the old Scamp non waterproof cable clamp restuff it with butyl tape.


Now is a good time to install a breakaway switch if you dont have one.

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calbe glands

As I understand your post you have two individual 8guage wires? When i wired our '84 last year I used cable glans like Eddy suggested above. A step up are multi wire cable glands, more expensive but they eliminate the need for butyl tape.

McMaster Carr carries them but Amazon would more likely have them cheaper. You will need to know the diameter of your wire to choose the correct gland.

Best of luck with your re-wire,