Replacing bad subfloor and removing flush toilet

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Replacing bad subfloor and removing flush toilet

One of the big punch list items on my new (to me) 19' Scamp is to fix the rotted flooring that can be seen from below the bathroom. While I'm in the process, I want to go ahead and remove the flush toilet and black water just seems like a composting toilet would be much easier for the type of off-grid camping that I want to do. I also think that the toilet or blackwater dump valve are the cause of the water damage, since I haven't found any other leaks (this can't be confirmed since I have never run water through it...I bought it winterized).

Has anyone done this before? I've read posts about taking the toilet apart, but I'm not sure if I would be able to replace the subfloor from above once I've removed that toilet and shower pan. Is this hard? Also, how did you patch the vent hole that's left open on the wall after removing the toilet? I know that I'll need to use one of the holes to install the Nature's Head vent, but that will still leave one open hole.

I'm honestly looking for any help on this, especially how to get started. I'm new to this, but I consider myself decently handy and can learn. Thanks!