Replacement LED Tail Light vs LED Bulb

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Replacement LED Tail Light vs LED Bulb

Recently, I decided to replace my Tail Lights with New LED Tail Lights instead of simply replacing the old bulb with an LED bulb.

WOW, What a Difference !!!

These New Replacements are Super Bright and they really look Great with their multiple rows of LEDs. Additionally, they blink better and faster than the old bulbs could.

I chose to replace the tail lights because of the High Visibility and Clarity of the New LED Tail Lights. You simply can't get the brightness, clarity or visibility from using a bluish LED bulb under a Red Lens.

By-the-way, this was not too expensive either.

Here is an example tail light:

If that light doesn't work for you, check out  (select Products)

for other LED Tail Light styles.

Happy Scamping !!!