replacement bulbs and vent latch

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replacement bulbs and vent latch

We just bought a 2015 Scamp 13 with a 1.9 cf Dometic fridge. I have the most elementary question regarding a couple of replacement/spare parts. The trailer is in kind of a remote location, which is why I can't just check the things it has now. I was hoping to get a few things before I go back to where the Scamp is and wasn't sure exactly what to buy. The first is a replacement tail-light bulb. I am not sure exactly what bulbs to get. Will a Camco 54788  (aka 1141) work?

Also, one of the vent latches is broken for the outside vent for the Dometic fridge. I am not sure exactly what replacement to get and whether it should be thick or thin. Any help is much appreciated. Again, I am not with the trailer now and was hoping to get the parts before I go back.

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The 1141 lamp is a single filament lamp.....

...... you likely need a dual filament like the 1034 or 1157 and I think every one uses the 1157 now because it is brighter.

(For the latch, search dometic vent door latches on Amazon.)