Replaced Standard Jack with Swing Away Jack

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Replaced Standard Jack with Swing Away Jack

Hi, folks.

Just wanted to share a little towing modification I made recently and love it.  I have a 13 foot Scamp and tow it with a 2020 Rav4 Hybrid.  Everything about the set has been awesome except one thing -- the Rav4 receiver tube is pretty low to the ground and I've bent the retracted jack on the tongue two separate times on speed bumps.  I replaced the jack the first time with the standard Scamp jack and then just got annoyed when it happened again.

I decided to try a 'swing away' jack and just returned from a week long road trip where I was moving the Scamp every night.  This swing away is AMAZING.  It's so easy to deploy -- just pull out the pin and swing it down.  The wheel on the end (instead of a jack plate) made it easy to move the Scamp left or right and even off of the hitch.  I was concerned about being on a decline or incline and the Scamp 'rolling away' but I just put a wheel chock on it and it was solid.  I wish I had done this right away when I got the Scamp and saved myself the hassle of replacing a cheap jack.  

The swing away is BOMBER and feels so strong.  The RV Service guy said he's seen the one on my Scamp on rigs twice it's size.  It just made me feel like it was super safe.  Anyways, I just wanted to share this since I'm not sure if folks out there are having my same problem with low riding tow vehicles.

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Looks familiar...

I had the same mounted on the tongue of my 1980's Scamp, so I was surprised to see the upright one on my almost-new trailer. I suppose it's more idiot-proof, but it presents an obvious hazard on rough roads, or even jumbo speed bumps. If the upright jack ever gives me trouble, I'll replace it with this kind.  

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