Replaced the escape hatch on 1981 13 footer

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Don't know if you've done it

Don't know if you've done it yet but I received this message from another forum member. It was too late for me but thought I'd share. Sounds like a great idea. He glued 1x1\12 inch furring strips to the fiberglass inside where the opening is then used #8 stainless screws to make it very secure and prevent spider cracking on fiberglass.

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Nice Job

Looks good. I just did two of these in my Scamp 19, but I was fortunate that I had the right hinge and was just able to replace the vent lids only.

This looks like the video you are referencing:

Instead of Dicor I used White Gorilla Tape (SOI sponsored link) to cover the old base installation. Discovered this stuff on my daughters convertible top and it's very much like Eternabond lite. Should last many years with no maintenance.

One trick if you're replacing roof vents is to put 1x furring strip glued around the vent opening inside. This allows you to eliminate the rivets and go with Stainless Steel screws. It also reinforces the fiberglass around the vent opening making it stronger.

Good post, I'll put this in the maintenance table of contents so folks can find it quickly in the future.

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thanks for all the help! 

thanks for all the help!  just finished replacing mine on my 1987 yesterday.  the replacement from scamp was larger so we had to cut the fiberglass.  once we got it to fit, we did the putty tape from Scamp Store and then the Rivets from the scamp store.  I then covered the rivets and the edge/seam with Dicor Lap Sealant.  It looks great!  I'm very happy and with some rain do this week it will be a good test to see if it leaks like the old one did (i doubt it will).

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