Repair small window scissor-type opening mechanism?

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Repair small window scissor-type opening mechanism?

I am very happy to say I'm the proud new owner of a 2005 Scamp 13'  -- just got her Friday.  Trailered her safely into town (20 miles or so) and got her into a temporary off-street, secure spot.

While going over all her working parts, the scissor-type opening mechanism for the small bathroom came apart.  1) the black aluminum track that sticks to the window and along which the ends of the scissor mechanism track came loose.  I was told by the previous owner that this was an issue, but that he simply pushed in on the outside to close the window & suggested double stick tape to reattach the track.  2) The little plastic rollers on the ends of the scissor arms broke, so now the arm has no way to connect to the black aluminum track.  (I'll try to remember to take some pics next time.)

Anyone have any experience fixing this without ordering an entire new window unit?  (I can envision a fix, but it's not simple.)

Thanks! - jon

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Can you post a photo?  I can

Can you post a photo?  I can't quite picture what part(s) you are talking about. 

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Just a Quick Idea...

Never pass gas in the bathroom !!!


Otherwise, you could find two appropriately sized nylon washers (or larger ones sanded down ) and a tiny spacer and use a Pop Rivet inserted backwards to hold them to the sliding arm.


Happy Scamping !!!

As Always,

Happy Scamping !!!

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BR window repair

Jon,  The previous owner of our '05-16, was pushing to finish closing it because the black aluminum track was pulling loose.  The sissor arms and plastic rollers were ok.  I took the track off, discarded the "double stick tape", cleaned and re-glued the track directly to the glass with success.  A couple of things I learned might help you.  The original design uses a sort of "double stick tape" with really good glue on both sides.  I did not understand why until I glued it directly to the glass.  The angle on the two sissor levers change a bit as the window opens and closes (swings out and in) and the tape accomodates that.  By the time I figured that out, the permanent cement was dry.  The window works just fine, but it is putting a little stress on the parts that would not have been the case with tape that would  flex a bit to accomodate the angle.  I just don't open the window all the way.  Doing it again I would contact Scamp to see if I could buy a piece of the double stick tape.  Can't help you with the rollers.  Scamp should be able to sell you the sissor and crank without buying the whole assembly.  I had to take the sissor and crank off to line up the rollers with the glued track, so it can easily be removed and reinstalled.

Have fun with your New Scamp.

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Torque arm replacement

I had a seal that needed replacement in my front bath Scamp, and I also noticed that the plastic pieces of the torque arm were missing. The track was fine.  I decided to order the new seal and a new "torque arm, small" from The seal part number was "109-549 foam seal" and was 85 cts per foot. It took 44.25" to fit the window (the old one had shrunk to 43", had a gap, and was pulling away from the corners).

They also ordered the "torque arm, small" from Pelland Industries, part number H119-338. That cost about $14 but the window seems to operate smoother now. The image below shows what my old one looked like compared to the new one. I also posted photos of the complete job on the Scampers Yahoo modifications forum.

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