Repair Questions on a 82 Scamp 13'

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Repair Questions on a 82 Scamp 13'

Ok, we are kinda gutting it out and making lots of fixes. So I snapped some pictures and have questions on how to fix these areas. 

#1 There are 2 holes above the stove, does anyone know what was there originally? How can I fill those in?

#2 There is a scuff mark that has scraped past the first layer, how would I fix this? Is this a fiberglass repair? If so, then do I paint the whole cabinet after repairing?

- If painting the whole cabinet what type of paint is best to use? Will that paint flake off later? (I am thinking like painted baseboards in homes that get dings and have to constantly be touched up)

#3 #3a The elephant skin....some of the top layer has scraped off. One is around a window and the other spot is by the top of the closet. What is the best fix for this?


#4 I love caulk, but not as much as the previous owner...they caulked all the rivet spots on the outside. We plan on fixing a few fiberglass outside spots, I guess painting then and then waxing. Sand off the caulk? 


#5 No picture...we want to install flooring and are prepped down to the subfloor. We tried unscrewing the back dinette seats but are they sealed to the elephant skin around the top edge or just screwed and we couldn't pull it apart?

I have a ton more fixes but these are the ones we are wanting to tackle now. Thanks for any recommendations.