rental tow vehicle compatibility

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rental tow vehicle compatibility

I want to rent a truck to haul my scamp on a trip out west. With the weird 7-blade plug connector, is it possible to find a vehicle that can hook up to the camper?

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yes but test and verify

I think all modern pickups with towing package have both 4 and 7 pin plugs and a brake controller. Seven pin is not only common, it is needed for brakes (you will need them in the west) to work. They may or may not work as built, some need a fuse some programing and some work from the factory. My 2016 f-150 needed programing for trailer lights to work. I just ran a jumper wire over the control module until this year.

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truck rental

we just bought a 1980 16ft Scamp, and are considering renting a truck to take it on trips. We live in Boise, and the only company that rents trucks with hitches is Enterprise Truck Rental.  Maybe you can check with Enterprise in your area and see if they have a truck rental division.  In Boise, we can rent a Ford F250 or a Dodge Ram 2500