Question about replacing beading around rear window

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Question about replacing beading around rear window

We have a 1980 Scamp, and when it rains, we get water leaking inside around the back window, and running down the wall underneath the window.  I applied silicon around the beading on the outside of the window, but it still leaks.  There is no evidence of cracks in the fiberglass above the window and on the roof, so I'm pretty sure the water is seeping in along the edges of the window.  I think we need to change out the beading around the window.  Not surprising given that this is probably the original beading, which is 44 years old.

Scamp sells replacement beading (attached picture).  Has anyone had experience with removing the old beading and installing new beading?  Also, what is the "lockstrip" that comes with Scamp's beading package?  Thanks.  Ken 

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Replacing beading around the rear window

My new 2022 Scamp 16,model 6 leaked  during a rain, repeatedly. I live in Mpls so i towed it up to Bacus for a replscement and they charged me because it was slightly over a year old. It was poor workmanship to begin with and a guarantee that  was denied cause problem was reported 6 weeks late.

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Window leak

I've had a mystery window leak in my 2005 scamp. The problem turned out to be a drain plugged on the bottom outside window frame. I would suggest checking those before replacing the seal. It is easy to do and hopefully it will save you from a much larger task.



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Probably the most difficult job I've ever had to do years ago on our 1981. I always advise since that you call local glass shops to see if they do lockstrip replacements. You do need a special lockstrip tool to attempt to DIY it, but I'm long out of the lockstrip replacement gang.

One note, silicon caulk will not seal leaks properly on any Fiberglass trailer and will ultimately continue to leak. There is a seam in the lockstrip usually at the bottom of the window. Get a good Auto window sealant and coat that seam 1st to determine if you need to replace the lockstrip.

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Window leak

<p>I agree with Greg I took my '84 to a local glass replacement shop,and he installed it, no problem.&nbsp;</p>

<p>I did buy the gasket from Scamp ( expensive w/shipping) , but he said he can get the same gasket from his supplier window leak</p>