Propane switchover valve

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Propane Exchange Tanks

When propane exchange tanks first became readily available, they were 20# net weight. Then they dropped to 17.5#. The last time I looked, they had dropped to 15#, at least around here in Rochester, NY. Not a good way to buy propane except in an emergency.


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Propane Exchange Tanks

And top that off with each time you exchange you get a tank with a little more rust and an older date of inspection.


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Propane Exchange Tanks

The BEST way to know how much propane you have left is to weigh the tank. Get a digital hook scale (~$15.00) and lift the tank with the hook. The tare (empty) weight is stamped at the top and propane weighs 4.24 lbs/gal. Subtract the tare weight from the scale weight and divide the result by 4.24. You now have very near the exact quantity of propane in your tank.

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Propane tank weight

I also weigh my propane tank to measure volume. I read long ago that LP gas gages were pretty ?. Here is the one I have used for years. Never failed!

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Changed my mind

After some of the wise feedback I got and thinking about it some more, I did get an automatic switchover valve.  I have been out a few times, in the winter, but using an electric heater much of the time.  The valve has not had to switch yet, so I can't say how well it work.  Apparently the furnace is reasonably efficient.


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