Propane fridge won't light

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Shower faucet

When I turn on the shower approximately one third of the water comes out around the faucet fixture where it meets the shower wall.  Anyone know how to take this apart so I can get a look at what the problem may be?  This Scamp apparently was not properly winterized before I bought it (burst hot water tank) and I suspect something may have frozen and broken inside the faucet fixture.

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You are likely on to the cause already. if the faucets have water in them and freeze they usually split the nylon/plastic valve and need replacement. Look carefully everywhere as one busted fitting ususlly has more,. The new ones are pretty cheap also look at the sink drain as these split too and the toilet valve and tank drain too. We can access the faucet from the closet on our 13 with bath

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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Piezo igniters

One thing I learned on a frig in my truck camper was, if the gap on the igniter is too close it will spark but it's not hot enough; if it's too wide it won't spark, getting the right gap fixed my frig. 

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I gave up on the piezo

I gave up on the piezo-electric igniter a long time ago.  

My current method of lighting is to use an arc lighter, pull the burner shroud away, and stick the nose of lighter in just above the burner.  Works every time.  Then while holding the On button down with my left hand, I slide the shroud back into place.  I leave the mounting screw out to facilitate this operation.


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