Priming water pump?

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Dan Shindelar
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Priming water pump?

2000 2213 foot Scamp. when I run my freshwater tank dry. I have to disconnect the pex at the water pump in order to prime it again. Am I missing something. What is the easiest way to prime the pump? Thank you

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Should not need priming

The water level in the tank is above the pump and gravity should do the job especially if the faucets are open.Any chance your filter is dirty or a tube is kinked?  Others have this problem? My Jayco was nasty to prime with the tank under the floor and the pump above. .

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My 2018 13 could be a bit slow in taking up water If I ran it totally out. But filing the tank 1/2 or more and opening a faucet or the cold water drain under the left side always allowed the pump to self prime.  

2019 Scamp 13 standard