Posting Instructions - Trailers For Sale

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Posting Instructions - Trailers For Sale

Per numerous SOI Member requests, we have now provided a Trailer For Sale Section. We highly recommend you also place your ad on Fiberglass-RV-4Sale, as you will receive greater exposure due to the high volume of traffic that site receives.

If you are a commercial dealer, consignment shop or flipper/restorer, please skip down to the last paragraph.

We recommend the following information be placed in your ad:

  1. Trailer Model and Year
  2. Location (city/state or Canadian province)
  3. Price
  4. Contact Info or request to PM through SOI website.
  5. Listing of Trailer Amenities – any upgrades/mods or maintenance needed
  6. Trailer photos

Further Info Regarding Contact Info:  If you request contact through SOI Private Messaging, please be aware only SOI members will be able to contact you, not the general public, who also reads this forum.  Placing direct contact info in the ad will up your response. However, we recommend you create a free email account through yahoo or gmail, etc., to use just for this ad that you then abandon once the trailer sells due to spammers who lift email addresses off of the web. And if you use a phone number, we recommend obtaining a free Google Voice number.


If you are a registered Dealer in your home state, a Consignment Shop, or considered a "commercial member" (Flippers or Restorers who sell more than two trailers a calendar year), then we require a $50 Dealer/Consignment listing fee or a $25 Flipper/Restorer listing fee in order to advertise your trailer for sale.  Please email for details.  Thank you.