Pole mounted TV

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Pole mounted TV

Having a standard model Scamp there is very little area to mount a TV. I added mine by using a pole mount I found on Amazon.

Bracket Pole Mount VESA75/100

I bought two sets of closet rod ends and a piece of pvc pipe. I cut the pvc to length and mounted it to the cabinets using the closet rod ends. The result is a very sturdy mount that can be rotated to be seen from the dinette or the front bunks.



When travelling the TV is bungied to the cabinet supports.

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RE: pole mounted TV

That is very interesting.. I have a PVC pipe in just about the same place, and it looks almost the same.  In my case I run wiring inside of it for USB / 12 VDC outlets in the upper cabinet as well as the wiring for a TriMetric meter mounted between the upper cabinets. No reason you can't use the PVC pipe for both purposes!  Plus, it probably adds a little additional structural support in addition to the metal supports next to it.

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Looks great! I mounted our TV

Looks great! I mounted our TV on the wall behind one of the seats in the side dinette. Behind that wall is the shower. I used a cutting board as a doubler considering the thin wall. It worked out great and stabilized the TV well. I have a full articulating mount, and when retracted, does not bother the one sitting in the side dinette. TV's in the Scamp are priceless, especially when under rain!

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