Planning 2015 trips

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Planning 2015 trips

With winter dragging on in northern Michigan (-15° last night) we've been planning trips for this coming season to ward off cabin fever.  So far reservations are complete for a month-long trip around the Canadian north shore of Lake Superior.  First stop will be Lake Superior Provincial Park which is a gem we've been frequenting for many years in small trailers, tent campers, backpacking and canoe & kayak camping.  All campsites non-electric on the trip, so we'll be getting lots of use of our 120W portable solar panel.  How are other Scampers travel plans shaping up?

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We'll, Doug and Dawn here in

We'll, Doug and Dawn here in the snow belt of St. Charles, MO. Just in from snow blowing driveways. April 10 is a guys trip to Lake of the Ozarks, May 27 is Lonesboro, MN, and August 15 is the Smoky Mountains! Lots of in between trips to Kentucky Lake.

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