Outside Spray Port/Shower

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Outside Spray Port/Shower

Added an exterior spray port / shower today. Used the Phoenix unit found here: 

Phoenix (SA-HC-BTW-RT) Spray-Port Outlet Box

​This was done on the street side of trailer between the side marker light at the rear corner and the main electrical connection point. Picked the Phoenix unit because the opening required is only 5.5" square, has hot and cold, and the hose connection is a quick disconnect. The unit is small because the hose is removed and does not store inside the enclosure. The electrical connection mod was already done with marine plug and removable cord that freed up space under the rear dinette bench. On the Scamp 16 with side dinette and front bathroom the hot and cold water piping runs through the rear street side dinette bench area along wall. Anchors were removed and piping was flexed gently away from the wall. Sharkbite tee fittings were used and 90 degree fittings on back of shower unit (threaded on one end, Sharkbite on the other).


Small sections of PEX tubing were used to make the connections. Used butyl tape around the unit flange and stainless steel screws directly into the fiberglass. There are 11 screws so a wood backing was unnecessary. Need some basic plumbing skills and confidence to locate and cut the opening properly, but with the Sharkbite fittings it's not too hard. If anyone wants any more info on the install let me know. I'll try to post some pictures when I have a chance.

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Awesome!  This is exactly

Awesome!  This is exactly what I was thinking about doing last night.  Thanks for posting this mod!

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Here are a couple of photos. I apologize the interior shot is blurry, but you get the idea. The top of the opening is just below the reinforcement that is glassed into the body for the rear dinette seat. When cutting the opening be careful and diligent about any wiring that may be hiding between the headliner material and insulation. I was close to the 12V wiring for the side marker light.

For what it's worth this is the same unit that Escape is offering as their exterior shower option.


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Nice Mod

Very nice install, Dave. Thought I recognized the shower unit, although haven't used mine yet. laugh

I'll get this added to the table of contents as well.

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