Outside propane grill

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Outside propane grill

Has anyone modified the propane connection with a quick-release connector to permit connecting a propane grill for outside cooking? I have done this for a household propane setup with a Weber Q propane grill and it works very nicely. Love to grill outside but don't want hassle with extra tanks.

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I have seen this done Dr John

I have seen this done Dr John, and I thought about doing it years ago.  I ended up going with a spare propane tank that I set in a milk carton container in the back of the pickup.

 I then bought this propane tank tree Century Two-Piece 18-30" Type 1 Safety Post with Bagand I can run 3 items off the tree at once.  I put our lantern on the top fitting and hook the Weber Q grill into one of the middle fittings. When we're all done cooking, one of our favorite all-time camping items is our Propane Fire Pit:


In the "old days" firewood wasn't an issue and you just collected it and had a campfire.  Now it's $6+ a small bundle and "no gathering" rules.  When open fires are prohibited we're one of the only campfires in the campground because these are usually ok when open fires are banned.

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I added a small splitter at

I added a small splitter at the big propane bottle.  So one side of the splitter goes to the Scamp and the other is capped.  I have a long propane hose that I attach when I want to use my campstove or my BBQ. or any other accessory I might choose.

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