OBD2 to Measure Tongue Weight, Trailer Weight and more

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OBD2 to Measure Tongue Weight, Trailer Weight and more

Curt 51701 BetterWeight Mobile Towing Scale. I came across this in a local trailer hitch mounting business. It uses an OBD2 plug in device that connects to your smartphone, iPhone, etc via Bluetooth to give real-time accurate data that is retrieved from engine and torque data mathematically. No guessing but real data that you can display on your smartphone. Load your trailer differently? Get a new real tongue weight... I have seen millions of questions on here asking about actual weights, actual tongue weights and more. Tanks full? Empty? Partially full? Wanna use the rear Scamp hitch for cargo? Carry heavy generators? I put an Amazon link below... I  order one, not cheap, not too high- a hundred bucks...


If your t/v is spec limited and your trailer weights are close to the t/v's capacity or specs, this would be invaluable...