No Trailer Lights- but power to trailer

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No Trailer Lights- but power to trailer

1998 Scamp 13 (6-pin round)

2016 Tacoma (combo 7-pin/4-flat)

Tow Ready 4-flat to 6-pin adapter

I've tested at the Tacoma's 4-flat and have power.

I've connected the 4-flat to 6-pin adapter at the 6-pin side and have power.

I've circuit tested each wire coming out of the 6-pin plug on the Scamp and have power.  

The fuse in the battery box is intact and the battery is hooked up.  

The fuse inside the Scamp under the bunk is also intact.  

I've checked the 12-v box under the sink to be sure the circuit breakers were ON.  Check.  

No evidence of rodents or chewing or otherwise damaged wires.

Running lights and tail light bulbs are all good.  

And yet... not a single bulb is lighting up when connected to my Tacoma.  

What am I missing?  

Thanks in advance!

Greg in Durango... to be Greg in Fruita tomorrow and sure would love for the Scamp to come along with the rest of the family!  :)

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Shore Power

Do the interior lights work when plugged in?

In ur explanation the lights should be running off the trailer battery before you ever plug to tow vehicle. What is that status?

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When did it last work

When did it last work and what changes have been made?

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Checking Ground

You could have a bad or open ground side. The best way to check these lights is to use the ground in the connector. The 4 flat is the easiest to check because the ground should be the bare pin. Clamp the neg./ground lead from your meter or test light to the bare pin then test for power at the other pins.  If the other 3 pins have power, driving lights, left and right turn signals, the ground at that point is good. The six pin connector should be tested the same way using the ground in the connector. The trailer lights should also be tested using the ground in the light fixture.