New Hot Water Heater in a very old Scamp

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New Hot Water Heater in a very old Scamp

We bought a 1980 Scamp in the summer of 2022.  Not needed a lot of work.  One of the big tasks was a non-functioning water system.  Part of that issue was an ancient hot water heater that wasn't even hooked up to the water lines or to electrical power.  Here's how I renovated the HW heater system:

1. Removed the old HW heater.  To do this, I had to take out the entire sink cabinet, because the old HW heater was too large to get thru the little cabinet door on the right side.  See pictures that show the cabinet and the old heater peeking thru the opening. 

2. Purchased a Marey 4 gallon electric (120V) hot water heater.

3. Built a new wooden platform for the unit to sit on.  I added a brace system so the back of the unit could be attached to the Scamp fiberglass wall.

4. Purchased a couple steel pipe 90 degree elbows to attach to the vertical input and output pipes on the top of the HW heater. 

5. Tee-d the cold water supply line so that cold water could go to both the HW heater and to the sink.  I installed a new line from the T to the input pipe on the HW Heater.  See picture.  I ran a line from the output pipe on the HW heat to the sink.  With that, we had both hot and cold water available to the sink. 

6. We did not attempt to deliver water to the bathroom. The hot and cold water lines to the bathroom were cut and plugged.  We decided that we only needed water from the Scamp water system at the sink.  We have an odor-free camping toilet in the bathroom, which requires emptying every day in a park toilet.  I created a shower system using an on-demand portable exterior propane water heater, with a removable hose going from the exterior water heater through the Scamp wall and into the bathroom.  The water can drain into a tank under the bathroom and be emptied from it as needed. 

7. To winterize the system, I purchased a hand siphon.  See picture.  Last Fall, I disconnected the hot water line from the top of the HW heater, inserted the tubing, and siphoned out the water.  Although there is only a couple inches of space between the top of the HW heater and the underside of the cabinet top, I was able to reach in through the little cabinet door on the left side, disconnect the plumbing and perform the siphoning.  The siphon tube has to be 8 mm or small to fit into the HW tank.  

8. The electric for the HW heater comes from an outlet wired to the breaker box; both are located behind the HW heater against the Scamp interior wall.