New Fridge and custom front panel

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Chalk Board Scamp Fridge

In our 1981 13 Scamp I used the chalkboard spray paint on a 1/8 birch panel for the refrigerator panel. We spent the entire month of July traveling the country in that 13 when the kids were toddlers and they would sit with a bucket of chalk and draw all kinds of "kid art" on the refrigerator panel.

We could also leave notes for each other when needed....  cool

This is such a good thread I've added it to the sticky "table of contents" in the Mods section under Kitchen category.

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such a great idea to keep little ones entertained. Love it!!

Deb Staines
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81 Scamp

I loved seeing the picture of your 81 Greg. We had an 80 back in 1980 {dating our selves here} and I have no pics of it anymore but kept telling hubby I knew it had 3 cupboards over the sink. Thats about all I could remember besides the ice box and ours had a little stove top . Thanks for the memories of ours from way back

Launey and Earlene