Money Saving Repairs -- Almost 60% Savings

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Money Saving Repairs -- Almost 60% Savings

I just had all four shocks installed on the Van and I saved over $300 on the project.

Here's how I saved so much...

I bought the shocks online ( 60% savings and no Sales Tax, Thanks Amazon) and I found an ASE Certified, Mobile Mechanic to install them for me.

The whole process was painless and the parts were installed by a Pro.

I will be using this method again as I have control over the quality and pricing of the replacement parts.

Obviously this approach will not work for repairs you need done Immediately, however things like Shocks or Air Conditioning repairs or anything you could wait a couple of days to get repaired will save you a TON of MONEY on your Car, Truck or Trailer repairs.

Happy Scamping !!!!