MaxxFan Issue Resolved

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MaxxFan Issue Resolved

Hello all:

Our MaxxFan finally lost its mind up in Michigan's U.P this past week.

We were dealing with the "green light of death" issue by removing and reinserting the fuse, which we had to every time we wanted to use the fan. Tedious, but doable.

But then the fan started to turn itself on while we were traveling, sometimes the vent cover would open, sometimes not.
The final incident before complete failure was when the fan turned itself on, chirped every so often and emitted a high-pitched, 20 second wail. None of the buttons worked; the fan was completely inoperative. The chirping continued!
To maintain our sanity we pulled the fuse and did not reinsert it, which resulted in the interior camper lights being inoperative due to poor electrical design on the part of Scamp which has the fan and the interior lights on the same fuse.

My husband rewired the fan to bypass the failed circuit board. The fan is now manual - you manually open the vent cover and there is a switch to turn the fan blades on and off. He set it to exhaust mode, can switch to intake mode by changing the wires around which is easily done. But since we live and camp mostly in Michigan, exhaust mode is all we've ever needed. 

I intend to get an inexpensive ($28), very lightweight USB ceiling fan on Amazon that will provide cooling intake air should we ever require it. This solution suits us since a new circuit board for the MaxxFan 7500K costs $65 to $85 and will probably be no better than the original.

Hope this is of use to someone!


Annd and Peter