Maintenance Table of Contents

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Maintenance Table of Contents

Sometimes in forums it is tough to locate past posts using search functions.  We are going to attempt to maintain this index at the top as a growing table of contents by category to allow quick access to helpful past posts on maintenance items.

​Axle Replacement

  1. Axle 13 Scamp

Cleaning and Waxing

  1. Cleaning and Waxing - Removing Chalking
  2. Cleaning Vinyl
  3. Cleaning the Scamp
  4. Waxing
  5. Restoring Scamp 13 Finish and Tongue - Bumper Paint

Converter Troubleshooting - Issues

  1. Converter Troubleshooting

Dumping Gray and Black Tanks - Sanitizing Fresh Water Tank

  1. Tips and Tricks
  2. Sanitizing Fresh Water Tank

​​Front and Rear Window Replacement

  1. Gasket and lockstrip

Hot Water Heater

  1. Replacing pilot light


  1. Pex

Roof Vent Replacement

  1. Replacing Scamp 13 Escape Hatch

Scamp Rivets and Snap Caps

  1. Scamp Snap Cap - Rivet Replacement
  2. Rivet repair with SS Machine Screws


  1. Replacing rotted sub-floor under dinette


  1. Axle - Jack stands while stored?


  1. Air Pressure - What pressure to keep Scamp tires?

Tool kits

  1. What to have with you - What tools and repair items do I want to carry while Scamping?


  1. Replace Weatherstripping

Wheel Bearings

  1. Greasing and/or replacing
  2. Superlube