Lug nut, aluminum wheel comment

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Lug nut, aluminum wheel comment

I have installed aluminum wheels on several trailers. I usually work on my trailers in my shop and use a deep socket, impact and torque wrench to remove/ install wheels. Some aluminum wheels have recessed lug nuts. I decided to repack my wheel bearings the other day (not near my shop) and got a lug wench out of my truck but it would not fit due to the recess on the aluminum wheels, I needed a deep socket. You need to make sure you have the correct tools  to remove your wheels.  Also removing the lug nuts for your spare you need a deep socket. Note: Trailer Lug nuts can either need a 3/4" or 13/16" (old spark plug wrench). You may find one size nut on your spare and another size on your axle. You need to verify that you have the tools need to change your tires while on the road.