LED Lights & Briefcase Solar Panels

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Sounds like it is a great use of Christmas Lights!  We have our special Christmas lights on the website, but they don't come on until after Thanksgiving...  We'd love to see some pictures of your light installation!

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Briefcase solar panels

I added a Renogy 100W briefcase solar panel and LED's to our Scamp Fifth Wheel setup since we do most of our camping off-grid.  We just got back from 7 days in a non-electric campground near the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan.  The weather was a mix of sunny and rain squall days (the day we arrived there was rain and 45 mph gale force winds on the shoreline). Despite the gray days, the panel provided good power for the seven days.  We turned off the fridge at night since temps were in the mid to high 30's, but we used the furnace at night and in the morning.  The fridge is the biggest constant amp draw our Scamp.   The other solar panel contender was the Go Power GP-PSK-120120W briefcase panel.  The Renogy won out because the price was significantly less, and it came with a better solar controller (Viewstar vs1024n).  Because the sun frequently isn't where the trailer is, I built a 10ft extension cable with 8 gauge trolling motor wire(to reduce power drop) and and added Anderson connectors on it to supplement the 15ft cable that came with the Renogy panel and allow direct attachment to the Scamp battery box.  In retrospect, if I were to do it over i would make the extension cable twice as long.  Pictures here.

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Addition to our solar assembly

Last season 25ft of cable wasn't always able to keep our portable panel into the sun so we added a Go Power's 30ft extension cable to our setup in 2105 (available from Amazon @ $60+ship) which gave us much more flexibility.   Somewhat reluctantly we also added a Honda EU1000i generator to our setup so we can camp off-grid in northern Michigan early spring and late fall when there's just not enough sun (starting May this year - if there's no more snow).

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LED Bulbs

I often go to ham radio festivals, and a guy there is always selling LED bulbs for a fraction of the cost anywhere else. I got a 10 pack for $5.00! Next festival I may get more, but having changed them all, it may be years before I have to replace any.

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