Kitchen window stuck on 13' Scamp

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Kitchen window stuck on 13' Scamp

The kitchen window on our 2022 13' Scamp has always been stiff and hard to open and close. While we were camping this past weekend it got stuck closed and will not budge. Any suggestions? I have tried cleaning it and lubricating the track with silicon. Helped a little, but not much. I would like to take it apart and see what is making it bind up. Are there any resources that show how to do that? Thanks in advance.

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Locking lever?

Does the locking lever swing to engage and disengage? On that new of a window it would seen the metal is not perfectly aligned... I have one on my 2023 that is that way but in the opposite manner, it's a bit tricky (difficult) to completely close and lock...


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Window not locking

The windows of my 2020 19' do not latch reliably, I returned the trailer to Scamp and they were unable to make a repair. 

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Kitchen window

I too have a 13', 2001 model. I have a continuing challenge with the kitchen window. The metal handle / locking bracket keeps separating from the glass. I haven't had the problem of the glass sticking though. Maybe those small windows are more sensitive to being warped in the installation process. I notice all the frames of my windows are more than a little dimpled by the rivets used to secure them. Maybe they need to back off on the pressure on those rivets. Could that be the source of your issue? You've lubricated the window and guide. It seems like the only other thing is that the frame is a little out of line causing the window to bind.