Keep overhead storage doors open

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Keep overhead storage doors open

This is a hinge modification that I have done on several compartment doors in order to keep my head intact. The corners of the doors are sharp and when part way open, they are at the perfect height to hit with my head. I have been spending time with the Scamp, getting ready for our spring escapade. I took one of the doors that has not been modified yet, and did it today and took pictures. It all takes maybe 20 minutes per door, once set up. The hinges already have a detent for the closed position. By filing a flat on the center part of the hinge I created another detent, about 90 degrees from the first.

The first pic shows the compartment doors open, nicely against the ceiling, out of my way. Note my replacement knobs. The old, original ones were lousy, they hurt my fingers when they got stuck behind them.
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The other two pictures show the door, clamped in the vise, with the hinge turned so the flat can be filed on the central part. In this orientation the flat should be filed as close to horizontal as possible, and can be slightly larger than what I have done here. That blue-gray plastic block in the hinge fixed part is the spring loaded friction and detent piece.
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