June stay in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Park

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June stay in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Park

We are looking for recommendations for places to scamp within Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in June 2018. We are planning a 10 day stay dividing our time in the northeast corner for a week, then relocating to Grand Teton for the remainder of the trip. Looking through the list of campgrounds, we have decided to make advanced reservations. We are inclined to stay away from the electrical campgrounds, in an attempt to get away from the hum of generators. Any recommendations or experiences to share are appreciated. 


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We stayed at Grants Village when we were there for a week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Madison Junction is very popular as well and is a bit less driving to Old Faithful and some of the main springs.

We made reservations as soon as they would accept them and got a great spot right on the lake at Grant's. I'd also recommend you make your main dinner reservations as well if you want to dine at any of the major restaurants in the park. They will do those pretty far out as well and can be tough to get in if you don't have advance reservations.

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Coming from Michigan in late May 2010 with a 17' Casita we didn't have reservations at Grand Teton but got a very nice site at Signal Mountain campground (takes no reservations) in the Tetons in late May.  We did have reservations at Madison Campground  - which was pretty full - for May & early June in Yellowstone and were able to switch our registered site there to one nearer the Madison River (elk, buffalo . . . and some snow).  We had no reservations at Canyon Village near Yellowstone Falls, but there were many sites vacant in early June (and a bit of snow).   If you're not going pretty early in the season, reservations are highly recommended.    

We're pretty much off-grid campers using solar which provided all our needs on that month+ trip.  (Came in handy since Yellowstone had power problems and no electricity for two weeks anywhere while we were there.)

If you're a Facebook user, some pics at:
Tetons: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/edit/a.1509648946078.66365.1379972472

Yellowstone:  https://www.facebook.com/jrpalm/media_set?set=a.1509174254211.66320.1379972472&type=1&l=988b455004

In the 7 years since we were there crowding may have become more of a problem.  We passed on a three day reservation in the Fishing Bridge area this July when we heard some stories in Montana about serious crowding  (see also ).   

The scenery and wildlife is spectacular and not to be missed!