JACK when tire needs changing

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JACK when tire needs changing

Landed up calling AAA to assist in changing flat tire as the bottle jack was not tall enough.   What type of jack are Scamp owners utilizing?   Thank you in advance.  Look forward to reading your solution.

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I went with a scissor jack similar to what comes with most cars today. . I tried the one from my car but the head was not stable enough and was designed  to go on the rib on the underside of the car . Found one online with a reduction of 2-1 and it even had the same 3/4 hex my rear stabilizer legs  use so no added tools or handles. Still have to lay on the ground to get under far enough to lift but works in a pinch. Be extra sure to chalk the wheels both front and rear  or leave attached to TV so it cant roll and hurt you.  

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scissor jack and leveling blocks

Also be sure that the tools you have can get the spare off the back.

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Bottle Jack

I use a 2-ton bottle jack and put plastic trailer leveling squares underneath the jack so the jack does not have to be extended much.  The scissors jacks that I have for my vehicles are made to fit those vehicles and are not very adaptable to the Scamp.  Also, the axle on the Scamp is higher than where the vehicle jacks are made to fit.  The bottle jack had a long, awkward extension handle that was difficult to twist.  I bought a 21-inch socket extension and ground the socket end to fit into the jack.  I am able to use a 1/2 inch socket ratchet wrench to quickly raise the jack.  It also is more convenient to carry than the folding extension handle.  I also have a very old universal scissor jack that would work but is worn and less stable than the bottle jack.   

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i have 2 scissor jacks i use

i have 2 scissor jacks i use on the front of the scamp to stabilize it, i would use one of those.  they are rated at 5000 lbs. each.

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Axle or frame

Is it better to jack up the Scamp on the axle or on the frame near the axle? I was inclined towards the frame but posts here mention the axle.