Install brake controller 2007 Tahoe

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Install brake controller 2007 Tahoe

Well, this was fun. All the youtube videos on installing a brake controller on a 2007 Tahoe (with tow package wiring) show the brake controller wire to the fuse block under the hood bundled up between the block and the fender. That wire is not there on our Tahoe! I asked etrailer about that and they said cut open the wrap on the wire harness and look for it. I really didn't want to do that; chance of damage and loss of water resistance. So, I routed a 10 gauge wire from the fuse block to under the dash. THAT was hard! the grommet that the main wire harness goes through is hard to get to and very hard to punch a hole in. Anyway, getting ready for our Scamp 16 delux in the fall!