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(In)Scamp Cooking

A friend who's new to Scamping asked what hind of food I prepare in the trailer.  Others may wonder, also.  Here it is:

Travel food:  Boxed mac & cheese with tuna added, topped with salsa, is good.
A can of hearty soup is good if you're in a hurry.
Fresh Veg:  Peppers cut in half, stored in zip bag.  Mini carrots.  Both use minimum fridge space.  Celery can also be cut and re-bagged.  Tomatoes do best in the car.

I always carry vegetable oil, a filled salt shaker, seasoned salt, Italian seasoning, pepper grinder, dried minced onion, powdered milk, sugar.  The last 2 in sealed containers.
A small bottle of vanilla and hot sauce don't take much space.
Oil, salt (or seasoned), pepper, Italian seasoning makes a passable salad dressing.
Also, complete pancake mix.  An egg is optional.  Added vanilla is nice.
I always bring canned sliced potatoes.  Open, add dried onion to re-constitute, drain and fry.

More staples:  Packages of dried mashed potato.  Assorted ready to heat rice packages. Pre-cooked bacon packages.  No fridge needed until opened.

Fresh meat that is cryo-packed keeps much better.
A nice meal is potatoes as above followed with cube steak that cooks quickly in the same pan.  Serve with cut up pepper as a fresh veg.  Or make a salad.

Clam chowder:  Pour liquid from a can of chopped clams and a can of sliced potatoes into pot.  Add enough dry milk to make it milk.  Guessing is allowed.
Stir in a spoon of pancake mix (it's mostly flour) and add some butter.  Add sliced mini carrots and bacon bits if you have some.
Heat while stirring until flour is cooked and soup is thickened.
Add clams and potatoes.  Season as desired ( ground pepper for sure, maybe salt or seasoned salt, red hot?).
You might want to cut up the potatoes while you're playing with it.

Pancake mix can also be used to thicken gravy.

Bring along what you think you have room for.  You can always leave it home next time if you never use it.
Think outside of the box(es).

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Food prep

I have been used to backpacking, so I tend to think in terms of lightweight dehydrated foods like pasta, veggies, and dehydrated potatoes and soups.  I am now getting more conformable with canned foods, and can make a nice meal of canned chicken, canned soup, and minute rice.

Although I do most of the cooking outside of the Scamp, we do use the stovetop in inclement weather or to heat water for coffee/tea/cocoa