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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Just a quick inquiry.   Over the years, do you find you are (1)  Visiting the same campgrounds or locations on a regular basis; (2)  Try a new locations or campgrounds each year; or   (3) Other

Now this may seem like a odd question, but I am finding I have to make a reservation for certain locations almost a year in advance or miss out on what I may be looking for.  Your experience?  

Thanks, Barb

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Inquiring Minds

Well, we try to choose different places to go, experiencing new sights and pleasures. Just a 4 hour drive takes us to Kentucky Lake, our favorite place to go. We go,there often, and have relatives that join us with their tow behinds. Next summer is southern Indiana, a change for us. We shall meet relatives there too, with their tow behinds.

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We have our favorites when we go local. When we travel out of state we like to try different ones, but once we find a good one we tend to go back there if we go to that area again. As far as the reservations a year out that tends to be FL campgrounds, commercial and state parks, in the snowbird season. I would not attempt S FL in the winter months without a reservation. 

CA can be rough, but they don't open res on state parks there till 6 mos out. Commercial campgrounds in CA are not so bad. Haven't run into too many problems in other states except on major holiday weekends.

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Choosing a Campground

Since we live in central Florida, and there is an abundance of choices near us, we have decided to focus on trips within two hours drive.

We have also planned a longer trip which will take us two hours away where we will spend five days before we return home with just the Tow Vehicle to attend a family gathering. After the family gathering, we will have the option of spending the night, with our cats, at the house or returning to the Camper. We will then spend one more night in the Camper before we tow the camper another two hours further North where we will spend five days exploring northern Florida. We will then make the return trip in a straight five hour drive home.

Since we began our "Two Hour Drive" plan we have found a favorite campground which we have returned to often, we are even planning for a short, four day, trip there in September. We really like the Campground and the Activities we have found in the area (i.e.: an Italian restaurant that serves the BEST Pizza I have ever had in my LIFE !!!)

We like our "Two Hour Drive" plan which allows us to return to the house to attend to our cats in the middle of our trip, without the need to arrange for a cat sitter. Additionally, it allows us to focus on exploring Florida while we are still "Home Based" before we get out on the "Open Road".


As Always,

Happy Scamping !!!